Software applications (freeware and shareware)

M2A2 Multimodell Filter-& Analyse-Plattform M2A2 Multimodel filtering and analysis platform

Open and edit multi models , display and filtering of linked models , editing and creating links , multi-model query language MMQL

Download: M2A2_Anwendung
MMQL: Syntaxdefinition
documentation: M2A2_Anwenderhandbuch.pdf
Video: Demo Video
Licence: M2A2_Copyright.pdf
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Construction Simulation Toolkit CST Construction Simulation Toolkit

CST is a process-based simulation toolkit designed especially for the building industry. CST allows a quick and realistic modeling of assembly and logistics uniqat processes for construction projects. CST provides various import and export data interfaces as well validation & verification methods.

documentation: CST_overview.pdf
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Plattform Collaboration Manager CoMa Plattform Collaboration Manager

Local version of the Collaboration Manager platform for editing multimodel templates and Annotation Vocabularies

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Processconfigurator IFC-Process configurator

java-based editor for reading and editing process models expressed in IFC and formatted in ifcXML.

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M2V Multimodellvisualisierungen M2V Multimodel visualization

Multimodel visualizations for activity and progress control:
Retrospective target-actual-animation of the schedule, diagramatic overview presentations for the degree of completion, coloured 3D presentations

Download: Download M2V
Container: Download Visualisierungscontainer
documentation: readme.txt
Licence: M2V_Copyright.pdf
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BIMfit BimFit

BIMfit is a modular toolbox for filtering and querying of Ifc building models. It offers a basic set of different generic, semantic and algorithmic filter functions which can be used to build complex domain and application specific filter operations in a flexible way.

Licence: AGPL V3
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Billie Billie

Java-Framework for the creation of visualization models from construction specific domain models and visualization configurations, with modular architecture extensible to include further domain and visualization models

Billie constitutes the base for the visualization prototype M2V and included there.


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Web services - Web applications

Multimodell-Navigator Multimodell-Navigator

Web application to explore and manage the Mefisto multi-model container online. It offers a user-friendly interface to register new multi-model containers, view the structure of the existing container symbolically, and online viewers for data from different perimary models(e.g. Mefisto XML schedules, GAEB and the link models).

URL: Multimodel Navigator
Licence: Open Source & kostenfreie Verwendung:
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ProSIM ProSIM: online Simulation-Schnittstelle

Die ProSIM Web-basierte Schnittstelle ermöglicht es, die Simulationsmodelle, die mit dem Construction Simulation Toolkit (CST) erstellt wurden online darzustellen. Das macht die Kollaboration zwischen den Fachplaner und dem Simulanten viel effektiver und schafft eine höhere Transparenzebene. Die CST-Simulationsmodelle der Mefisto-Hochhaus und Mefisto-Flughafen sind online dargestellt

Licence: Open Source & kostenfreie Verwendung:
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Geovisualization showing the planned state of the construction site in an animation using Google Earth

Licence: Free
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